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—————–sample QA from Quora (my answers only – others are there also)———

Q: Is blogging dying?

Blogs never lived and therefore never died. This whole idea of “internet fashion” is wrongheaded, IMHO. Social Media as well as storytelling existed on the internet since 1995 or so and, previous to that in much the same form on AOL and Compuserve.

What is new is the amount of “news” outlets as well as “consultants” who all get paid to come up with stories or guesses about what’s hot and what’s not.

Let’s distill this down to you. Throughout history, some blogging has been known as “keeping a journal or diary”. If that’s the kind of blogging you desire, it’s quite inexpensive (free on wordpress) to do. Just don’t expect the world to beat a path to your door.

On the other hand if you have skills, a philosophy or other talents which people desire to read about, your blog may get more readers.

As a couple examples, I current run three blogs with the following amounts of readers: 1. A blog on consumer multitotor aircraft (little drones) – 200,000 [page views per month. 2. A blog with some business advice – on all things internet, etc – 250 page views per month. 3. A blog with some stories and creative writing – 250 page views per month…

It’s up to you to determine if that’s worth your while or if you have other reasons to consider writing online.

Why do experts believe it is so critical to engage in an activity every day when working towards mastery?

I cannot agree with the so-called “experts” about having to be engaged daily. In fact, most creative pursuits require stepping back from them quite often.

I have made a living at various pursuits and have never found that I have to engage daily. These include:
1. Carpentry and remodeling
2. Invention, patents
3. Web marketing, web programming
4. Writing
5. Retailing, importing, distribution

The key to success is in passion, ambition and working smart…as opposed to always working long and hard. As an example, I’ve met individuals who can do a certain task 3-5X as quickly (and often better) than others who often seem to be working harder and longer.

Your two pursuits, writing and computer-related work, are closely related. In fact, I do both right at the moment with decent success.

It’s my opinion that generalists have a big advantage over specialists in current times. Multiple skills with flexibility to apply them will serve you well.


What will writers be paid for if not books? Will writers be treated like photographers today who routinely have their work taken and are expected to work for nothing?

I think you have it all wrong. I am a writer and whereas before (pre-internet, amazon, etc.) I was unable to make a dime from my writing, now I am making a very decent amount.

There are many more options than before for a good writer. Here are some of them:

1. Publish an ebook though Amazon – no more “publisher rejections”. Anyone can publish.
2. Write a blog or web site and make some income from ads, affiliate links, etc.
3. Get paid for writing for one of thousands of existing web sites
4. Do copywriting for others using services like guru and others where you can get contracted work.

While most of these existed pre-internet, it was much harder for the budding writer to find the positions and actually make their first dollar.

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