Why DeSantis is pushing expensive Treatments instead of Vaccines

As is clear in some of my other posts, Florida is in a worst case scenario with COVID (Summer of 2021) due to various reasons, all preventable. At a time when it is almost impossible to have a major COVID STORM, DeSantis and his allies (including masses of clueless citizens and cruel politicians) somehow manage to do the opposite of what is right.

Jaws dropped, and for good reason, when last week the Gov. started pumping monoclonal therapy as a “cure” for COVID. Not only did the Gov. promote these vastly more than Vaccines, he opened various infusion clinics statewide – in stadiums, libraries and other public and private facilities.

Let’s be clear here. This is, once again, a uniquely Florida situation. No other Gov. or high placed official in the USA is pushing  these drugs in the same fashion – instead they remain one of many tools that doctors, hospitals, clinics or others can use in treatment of the disease. Being as it is 2021, Vaccines – that is, the PREVENTION of serious sickness from COVID, have been the go-to, so it seems weird to heavily promote a treatment which only works once your are sick with COVID.

This “Florida Man” move has both experts and laypeople wondering….why?  The monoclonal therapy treatment is experimental, derived from Fetal Cell lines in testing and doesn’t work in MANY cases. Very sick patients, the sickest of all, have to travel and congregate in centralized places to obtain the treatment. Given the cost, time and energy promoting these – a much better result (more lives and hospitalizations saved) could be obtained if the Gov. heavily promoted Vaccines full-time – and went to work giving them. Instead, he got his own vaccine in secret and has not made a single widely distributed Public Service Announcement about the Vaccines.

Cost – Benefit

The Vaccine costs about $35. The monoclonal therapy is closer to $2,000 when all is figured in. It’s not just the cost of the drug ($1200 to $1500 in bulk) but the initial qualification, travel (sick patients), administer (IV Infusion) and then follow up. It’s fair to say that the less effective of the two costs 30 to 40X as much as the better one! What “conservative” (or sane human) would make that choice?

So, Why is the Big Question?

As I am writing this the Govs infamous Press Secretary, Christina Pushaw, was banned from twitter for her poor (and threatening) conduct against the Associated Press. Seems she didn’t like an article they published detailing the Gov and his donors relationship with the Stock and Securities of the company which manufacturers this expensive treatment. Many similar articles and comments have been written – which appear to have hit a tender spot in the Gov. and his Press Sec (we wish he had tender spots for Mom and Dad). Here is the AP article: https://miami.cbslocal.com/2021/08/20/ap-desantis-donor-regeneron-investor/

The counter to that article – that Gov is pushing this due to his donors or others having stock in the company, goes like this “We have so much money that these millions and tens of millions is a drop in the bucket – so you are wrong to think we are making policy based on just 17 million or so”.

In this very rare moment – I’d argue that the Gov. is largely telling the truth! Does anyone really think this massively corrupt Gov. and State are moved by a few million dollars? That would be fantastic. I’m sure the Gov will do you a small favor for 10 million donated to his re-election account, but he’s not going to actually WORK (this effort is the first actual work I’ve seen him do) to benefit just one of his big donors w/chicken feed. This kind of money isn’t even enough for a one year nice Netjet account!

The More Likely Answer(s).

We have to start with the fact that most everything the Gov. does is non-sensical, inefficient, ineffective, immoral or just plain wrong. Therefore, a weird action like this doesn’t fall outside any of the normal behavior – like hiring an uBer Driver to re-count FL COVID deaths! With that said, let’s line up the likely forces at work in Florida when it comes to the highest possible profits and $$ that can be associated with the Pandemic.

Occams Razor – the theory that most things are the obvious fits, but you need to know things.
1)  1st, Florida is a corrupt Narco/Banking/HealthCare/Mob/Dump_Pollution/Etc. state. From Opiate Pill Mills to destruction of Public Health and vast Medicare Fraud, this has become a BIG part of the “success” of modern Florida. Was it an accident that CEO of one of the largest health care “criminal” (his firm and many executives) actions in history was the last Gov? Or that he is the Senator now? Of course not! One of the many terrible things Rick Scott has done is to continue to destroy Public Health in Florida – moving it to the vast modern Hospital Corporations with the resources to siphon $ from medicare, medicaid and other Fed Taxpayer funding. Florida is #48 in health care access…while having all these amazing Modern Hospitals. Think! How is that possible? Well…..”access” is the key word with the 2nd part being who is paying? Florida takes 4X as much from the Fed. Gov. as it gives, and Health Care is the single largest item (by FAR) in the budget of these United States.

2) The Money involved in the Gaetz (LTC), Greenberg, Pot (legal), Corruptions (much Russian/Ukranian these days), Real Estate, etc – is in the 10’s or 100’s of Billions – Ron and the 100’s or thousands of other corrupt officials and businesses are into THAT, not into a few bucks in a stock portfolio! Many people own stock – but that’s tiny compared to taxpayer and other money which can be skimmed or assigned to friends.

3) Further as to #1 above – Florida is designed as a giant vending machine designed to suck either your, or Fed, money away. It turns out Health Care alone puts Heroin, Pot, Cocaine, etc. to shame – and so, when FL gives Vax (free), GDP goes up by tiny amt. When it allows mass infection and spends thousands of dollars on each, it adds more to Florida GDP. In other words, it may be of more perceived benefit to the totality of the economy of Florida to have as many people sick as possible for the longest time period possible.

Yes, I know you are scratching your head right about now. If you care to understand a little of what I am getting at, please listen to this – it’s only 2 minutes and I promise it will give you a new perspective on a major defect in our system and thinking.

4) Lastly, Gov has 100% admitted he favors infection with COVID as the solution to the Pandemic – mass infection is his game. This is no secret nor a conspiracy! He made videos about it (removed from youtube). Only Naive would ask why Gov. wants to infect people! Answer – because he said that’s his policy! Again, read just a little about his policy of mass infection!Do you know the saying “When someone shows you who they are – you would be wise to believe them”? IMHO, the case is as simple as this. Due to stubbornness and ignorance the Gov. thinks that best cure for COVID is for most everyone to get COVID. Independent of that, the Gov. values money and power over human life (or seems to). Making Florida GDP stay the same or get larger is a “win” for DeSantis – because when he brags about it he won’t say “FL GDP was up 4% last year, but 10% of that was money the Federal Government gave us out of debt and deficit”. No. He will just say “As proof of how great I am and the fine decisions I have made, note the amount of money that has filtered through the Florida economy.

That’s my opinion – and, frankly, there are not many possibilities left. We could simplify it to a sentence as simple as “Increased GDP and Mass Infection fit with the mass Antibody treatment narrative”. If you have ideas, leave them in the comments or tweet to @craigsfire

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