The Closing Word on Florida’s self-inflicted Summer of Death.

Over 25,000 Floridians have died since May 1 – a good “start date” because vaccines were available to everyone – plus a few weeks for them to kick in and people already sick to either recover or pass away. Some numbers show 20,000 of these death in 10 weeks – from July 1 to mid-September. No other state in the US has come close. To put post-vaccine deaths in perspective, here are a few examples:

Post Vaccine (May 1-Oct 15) Deaths from COVID – CDC/IHME Data
Adjusted for Population (based on FL base*)
FL – 25,000
TX- 14.000
NY – 4,000
CA – 5,500
MN – 5,200
MA -3,600
*adjusted means, for example, that 3,600 people didn’t die in MA – it was < 1/3rd that amount but MA has 1/3rd the population.

The Big Question is Why?

The answer is simple. The very same policies, lack of leadership and bad behavior which has caused Florida to become the laughing stock of much of the civilized world. If it seemed like Floridians were almost INTENTIONALLY infecting everyone – well, that is the FL Plan!

Even if we give Florida some slack, 20,0000 “extra” deaths occurred – and as I write this, deaths are still high (120/day). However, that particular Delta wave is over – it burned out.

Bad leadership and bad behavior caused this. It’s as simple as that. It’s wasn’t “seasonal” – there is no such thing as a respiratory season in summer in Florida. It wasn’t “age-adjusted” – you can read some of the other articles on that particular subject.

“Oh, but watch, this is because Floridians are indoors in the hot summer – and now cases are going down because summer is over” – I wonder if people listen to themselves as they spout this nonsense? The temperature has come down from a high of 89 to a high of 87….and, how many lawyers, CPA’s, doctors, bankers, retail workers, hair stylists, etc. work OUTDOORS? Basically the same amount of people are indoors (in their cars, shops, offices, doctors) all year round.

As noted in many other articles, summer is by far the lowest death time of year in Florida – for various reasons including a smaller population AND it’s not “season”.

Lay it our for me!

Here is what happened. The Gov. did the vaccinations incorrectly and incompletely. Due to this AND the lax attitude the state has assumed, people dropped their guard before they should have. This is the “behavior” part. The chart below shows observed mask wearing in Florida – note how it went down – about 50% down by the middle of June. Other chancy behavior followed along with it.

By the beginning of August, Floridians were noticing people around them dying and getting very sick – and what happened? Mask wearing went up quite a bit! However, by then it was too late. COVID had been given a warm welcome by the leaders and population of Florida with positivity rates hitting 20% and above. These are about as high as they can go when considering even a position vaccinated and millions with some antibodies from previous infections. For comparison, a chart of the positivity and deaths of my other state (MA) is below. The “summer surge” can be seen as a small bump – positivity may have reached 2.3% and deaths as high as 11 a day (equiv. to 35 or so in Florida). However, the population and leaders watched the numbers and squashed Delta in the Bud.

Self-Harm for what?

Florida gained nothing by letting extra 10’s of thousands die. In fact, the reputation of the state is probably harmed by being in the news cycle for mass death. A sane person would ask why…

Much of my opinion is spelled out in other articles so I won’t repeat it here. IMHO, this rises to the level of a Crime Against Humanity. In fact, there is a name for this – the abandonment of older people to die (when it can be helped).

Senicide is one name – Geronticide is the other. They both mean the same thing. Sadly, this is who we are (in Florida). I wish it were not so.

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