Steve Jobs, Apple and the Singularity

I’m sorry to hear of Steve Jobs leaving Apple, although very few human beings have had as good a run as he.

His illness and eventual passing brings to mind the question of the Singularity, that being the idea that computing power is now close to being able to contain consciousness offloaded from the human brain. Those not familiar with the topic should check out these links –

Many say the singularity is quite near – that being the time when our own brains can be offloaded to a machine! This is not total junk science…there is little doubt that a lot of our intelligence can be off loaded, the real question is exactly how much.

So, Steve Jobs pioneered the use of vast server farms and processing power at Pixar, with thousands of machines working 24/7 to render 3D scenes. Apple also has vast data centers with processing power…….

So, the logical next step would be wondering how much of Steve Jobs brain can be off loaded? Am I crazy here?

The ascent of mankind has pretty much been the same as this – that is, each generation of scientists, engineers and inventors off load their finding (in print, up until recently) to others. The inventions themselves also offload logic – that is, a computer or a robot or a spacecraft itself represents stored human brain activity.

When we consume old video, audio, text or listen to stories we are, in effect, taking advantage of the offloading of consciousness. The real missing link is the ability to store and relate all this data, a problem which google and many other companies are solving every day.

So, will Apple be able to lock Steve Jobs mind in a secret safe….like the formula for Coke? I say it will, at least to a certain extent. Not to say that Steve Jobs will be able to be fully Singular, but that it will be close enough to guide the continuation of the dream that we now call Apple.

Best of health to you, Steve Jobs, and thanks for your efforts!

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