Sample Starter Consult/Coach Example – less than $100!

Hi, all.

It may be that I can claim more experience than most as I have been online since 1986 and working with “Social Media” from that time onward. Before and during that I was “online” on Ham Radio and in other fashions (real life!). I have started, run and sold multi-million dollars business – none of which are/were fast money or started just for money. In other words, I have been able to live out my passions and interests and participate in every form of business from selling containers worth of products to publishing best sellers.

I have also done a lot of mentoring and teaching – online and off.

Just as an example, one web I started in 1996 and ran for 18 years had traffic as large as Zipcar, Brookstone, Northface, GE and other such site – rising to about #4,000 in the USA. I consider this quite an accomplishment being as I ran it in my spare time. After selling that I started another successful web site educating people about consumer drones. It quickly rose in both traffic, income and reputation and was named among the most influential sites for this category. Affiliate income soared as high as 25K in  busy month…this on a site I never started as a money-making venture.

I have recently sold the Drone site (my last active site) but I want to stay involved in mentoring, teaching and helping others.

As per the title, I am a Generalist. I know a little about most everything and a lot about some things – business and numbers being one of them.

You can find some of my work and life experience at https:/

Here is what I DO NOT wish to do: help anyone who is “harvesting” the internet in any way…that is, looking as it as a way to make income and not as a way to further knowledge (and perhaps make money also!). If you think the other “offers” on a page like this are going to get you somewhere you are probably not interested in my advice.

I don’t wish to help people who are starting similar sites to 50 which already exist – unless they truly have a better idea and better knowledge.

What I’d like to do is help, at first, in very general ways by acting as a coach and as the “adult in the room”. This can be for established site and/or for startups.

As a starter offer, I’d come up with the following:

1. One hour of phone discussion/consultation – I’d do this for $90, which is well below even my rates 2 decades ago!

2. Email discussions and consulting – I’d do some simple back and forth with a converation at $2 per communication – in other words, 25 total emails (yours and mine) would be $50 (that would be minimum).

3. Something else. Heck, if you want to hire an old salt with an extensive knowledge of just about everything, hit me up and we will talk.

Sales – retail, wholesale, importing, brick and mortar, online
Construction issues
Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights – basic advice.

Just some of the subjects I have experience in.

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