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Facebook Fraud? Veritasium and Derek Muller are very wrong!

In a recently created and income producing (millions of views!) youtube post, Veritasium founder Derek Muller accuses Facebook of FRAUD in a big way – and then goes about, in his “scientific” manner, explaining why and how this travesty occurs.

Derek should stick to straight science because his journey into marketing, advertising and data is nothing but clickbait (stuff designed to attract views). This makes it, IMHO, much more “fraudulent” than Facebook marketing as it is purposely designed by it’s originator to make as many dollars as possible while not giving any kind of a full story. I would say that Mr. Muller should be ashamed of himself, but since I would like to make as much money as he does over 1/2 truths and propaganda, I am more jealous than outraged. However, since my creed is the same as Derek professes (honesty, education, truth) let me do the less popular and less fruitful action and expose his propaganda for what it is…that is, IMHO it’s total BS.

Rather than bore you or amaze you with fast moving video and graphics – no, Derek, professional production does not equal truth – I’ll get to the heart of the matter quickly. The meat of this subject involves whether advertising, marketing, PR and promotion on Facebook is of a good value as compared to anything and everything else existing in the world. It’s NOT whether drinking an Ice Tea feels exactly like a splash in the pool or whether sleeping at a Holiday Inn Express makes you into a nuclear engineer!

Nor does it involve experiments as to whether low-IQ individuals who are purposely gaming the system can accomplish the “goal” of having people “like” them for money! It’s about REAL PRODUCTS, REAL BRANDS, REAL PEOPLE and REAL ORGANIZATIONS.

About Me

No long story here, but I’ve been buying and selling things since I was 15 years old – that’s over 45 years ago. I’ve done retail, wholesale, importing, manufacturing, inventing, web sites with millions of monthly visitors and more. In all these arenas, I’ve done a LOT of marketing and advertising….nuff said for now. If you like, you can see some of my work history here.
No, I’m not looking for any new business…. 🙂
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More about Craig – childhood

I was born in Philadelphia in November of 1953 – a baby boomer, for certain, albeit on the younger end of that generation. Although many periods in history are full of upheaval and change, there is something unique about the speed and severity of the changes which started to occur as I entered primary school. The sequence of events are fairly well known, but to see them close at hand as a growing child was quite alarming. Continue reading

Steve Jobs, Apple and the Singularity

I’m sorry to hear of Steve Jobs leaving Apple, although very few human beings have had as good a run as he.

His illness and eventual passing brings to mind the question of the Singularity, that being the idea that computing power is now close to being able to contain consciousness offloaded from the human brain. Those not familiar with the topic should check out these links –
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Steve Jobs on Life and Death

I’m a big fan of Apple Computer and Steve Jobs since I purchased my first mac in 1984. There is something special about people who follow their dreams – at seemingly any cost! Despite the pundits, his company has now grown to be the worlds largest (market cap) and most valuable brand – a serious accomplishment!

I think all of us would be wise to read the following passage from a commencement speech he gave in 2005. It regards deaths – but, actually, refers more to life – specifically how to live it.

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Take it Easy, you’ll be ahead of the game.

(note – written MANY years ago – approx 1992)

Take it from me–the original type “A” personality. It pays to keep yourself rested and healthy. I worked 60 to 70 hours a week for many years while I started my businesses. Yes, I enjoyed it, but this stress took it’s toll.

At around age 35, my doctor told me he’d be putting me on medicine for high blood pressure. I casually asked him how long I would have to take it and he answered “the rest of your life”. Well, that got me thinking ! It’s easy to pretend that we are invincible, but you can’t fool Mother Nature. If you are far out of balance, something will go wrong! In my own case, it’s a long story that’s not over yet.
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